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Is there new love after death! Only you can answer!

To all my friends my life is an open books, and some of the chapters, are changing, and this is important for the changes we all face during our time of living. We learn to walk, we learn to run, we learn ve, and fall in love, and we learn about loss. This is the hardest part of living, learning to live with loss. For those that lost a child, this is devastating, as we as parents feel we should be gone first. For those that have lost a Mom, we have lost our best friend, and when we lose our spouse this is total devastation, as you go thru life thinking you are going spend eternity together and then one day the chapter of life changes, and then we find ourselves lost in space.

We can hardly breathe, we can hardly get up and get through the day, and we cry at the drop of hat, and we ask "GOD" why me, why him, what have I have done to go thru this pain! This is what everyone says....the question of why, why, and there is not any good answer for this message.

Then one day you wake up and see life differently, you judge others for having happiness, and think when will I have this back again, will the darkness dissipate from my mind, will I be able to move forward, and will I ever love again. The answer is yes, you will survive, you will come into the light, and the darkness will slowly pass by, and you will find joy in those who are celebrating love and family, as they are the not the ones you have grief with, they are part of your life and life continues.

You will ask? Will I find love again, once you begin to love yourself then your journey will begin a new. Finding new loves depends you and what you are looking for when and if you decide to try to find a new love. Some of the questions are what are you looking for: some are looking for a new friendship, this can be a new friend to spend time with, a friend to share a meal with and then the light will shine thru and before long you might begin to see that there is life after death. Just remember you are on your timeline, and do not allow others to judge you, this is your life and you must live it to the fullest you can. Remember just because you have lost the love of your life, does not mean life stops, but still moves forward, and we cannot stop or get off the merry-go-round, because we lost that love.

The question you ask? Is there is new love out there waiting for you the answer comes from your heart and only you can answer that questions and you cannot be afraid! Once, this chapter is open you will find love again! God supports you all with the journey you are during this merry-go-round of life.

Thank you all for supporting me during my life changing chapters, and they are still changing. Hopefully I am changing as well, and will help you find your light out of the darkness just as I have!


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