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Humility or Humble Pie

What do those words have in common or are they different. To me they mean the same. I chose this picture today as it reflects my life with Paco and how we can so far with our love, or work and life in general.

Now, for me I need to start my life over and this hard. Not just living without him, but with work as well. It seems sometimes we come full circle and we reach a certain plateau in our lives and we think wow I am unstoppable, then life hits you hard with a major curveball, and you are like WTF just happened to my world. You look at the curveball and pitcher and say, WTH did you do that to me for? Why did this happen to me, and now how I am to recover from this curve ball you threw at me. Those questions can only be answered by YOU and YOU alone and no-one else.

So, many of you my biggest curve ball was the loss of Paco "Poppy" he was my biggest fan and sometimes I feel he still is, and right now he is throwing me a major curveball with a hint of slider in there. Some know I lost my job a few weeks back and wow, you are thinking she must have been devastated, well truth be known! Not really. But that is for another day or another story all together. I do know that Poppy was the guardian angel behind this change, not sure if many of you know I believe in the spirit visiting us and one day Paco was in my office, an one of the other ladies felt his presence, the room was still and serene with calmness. He told me Mom' it is going to be ok, I am here and you will get through the "Shit Storm" that is coming your way! WOW, he was right on the money. I have not regrets. The only thing is this shit storm has offered me the opportunity to see life differently and right now I am need to open my eyes and take one for team!

My humility factor or the ability to eat humble pie has just been offered to me and I know many of you are saying "WHY", well we sometimes have to fall and stumble to bring ourselves back up to where we were, but in order to do that we need to fall down a few times.

What is really interesting in how some folks, say you need to forgot your past and move and look at the new, but what they do not realize is our PAST is what makes us who we are today. Sometimes the things in our lives will make us stronger, if we do not allow them to make us weaker, or less of a human being. We all have chapters in our lives we do not like to bring to the forefront, as I mentioned in a few blogs back! BUT REMEMBER WITHOUT THOSE CHAPTER WOULD YOU BE THE PERSON YOU ARE TODAY? If those wanting to be a part of your then have to accept those chapters, and the past to love and understand the person you are today.

If they cannot accept this then maybe there were not meant for you, and if they can accept this then they will understand your fears and help you to navigate the waters to combat the fears! "NOT SAY MOVE ON" cause that is the worst words you can say to someone! This is just my opinion and you might feel differently.

Anyways I digress on this fact. Really I am here today to eat humble pie accept my humility to be a person who was at the top now starting over and yes, I truly believe Paco and GOD have brought me here to learn a lesson about HUMILITY! Something we must all do at some point on our lives.

What has happened to you recently that makes you eat humble pie!

Till Later!


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