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Hot Mess Express!!

Do you ever feel like you look your best or feel your best when you just get up! Throw up your hair, put on jeans, t shirt -and hit the open road!! That is how I felt the other day. Got on the road with the windows open, radio blasting music 🎶-& Paco as my co-pilot- saying it will be ok!! Just cruising down the road enjoying the sunshine ☀️ the beautiful scenery. Met a friend for lunch-they said you look beautiful and sexy-you look different!! Yes! I am different!! I am sexy, beautiful,sassy, and classy! All rolled into one big fireball. Sometimes we have to love 💗 ourselves to heal, to allow others to see us for us!! Do you ever look in the mirror and say-I am gorgeous, I am strong, I am going to survive today!! Life is about today!! Not yesterday and most certainly not tomorrow!! You are the pen 🖊 write your chapter!! Go forth with your beautiful sexy smile 😊 !!! Be the lioness you are!! I am here for you!!

till next time!!!


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