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Good love. Bad love!

Hello!! Hope this finds every one well and safe!! My minds races nonstop from morn till night, I know right, those that know me are like shut it down!! I just can’t!! To many questions not enough answers.

Today I read a post from John Polo, life grief coach. “ he said some prefer to date other widows & some prefer non-widows”. Interesting concept to ponder 🤔. There really is no right or wrong answer to what 😮 you feel. The answer comes from how this person makes/made you feel during or after the relationship, starts or ends.

I truly believe if someone is kind hearted, generally affectionate with your heart ♥️ and understands the pain you have felt, and is willing to stand beside you then you found the keeper!! Not everyone you meet will be the right fit for long term but maybe 🤔 the fit at a turning point for the start of moving on/past lost 😞 love. Till the next person comes and for you the answer is clear!! Love 💗 is never easy, letting go is the hardest in the world 🌎 this includes letting go of a bad relationship as much as letting go of the love 💗 you lost. Remember you drive the course of your heart 💜 and life!! The road is never easy, life is hard, decision are even harder!! Just remember it must feel right to and for you!!

Till next time!!


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