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Good 🆚 Bad! Day that is!

Hello fellow readers! What a joy to have such great followers, friends, frenemies! Do you ever have a day that begins with such joy, happiness and pushing forward fortitude !!! Only to have the final hours fall into shit land!! Unfortunately we do have those days!! And mine ended in shit land!!

It is important to remember in the game of life there is only one person to please!!! Besides “god”….YOU and you alone!! To hell to those that say this that and the other!! Unless, they pay your bills…or put a ring 💍 on your finger…said I do…they have no say on your life choices…dreams, goals…and your faults. Only you have the say!! Girl keep pushing forward… full steam ahead…don’t look back…don’t turn left…focus on you, your dreams, your goals…and when the time is right then focus on your faults!! Stay true to you!! Life is not easy as a woman…let alone single, divorcee, or widow… stay strong…you GOT this!! Trust yourself!! Believe in your self!!

Yes…the shit land is dirty and nasty 🤮 yet…this 2 shall pass…and I will learn from this day…to believe in my instincts…yes, yes…it will be a hard lesson….

well enough drama 🎭 and shit for the day!! Go forth seek truth, joy, love, happiness… find a true love story!!

till next time!!!


ps. I love you 💕, te quiero muchísimo mi corazón 💓!! Goodbye, Adiós!!

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