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Family Outing!

The month of July is pretty big for birthdays in my family! We have my Son Jackson, then we have Nana, then my sister, and then step-sister and her daughter then my cousin and his daughter. my children's father also celebrates this month. So, this month is filled with lots of celebrations and last year, was hard for me to partake in family gatherings and celebrations since, I was still learning to be one (1)! That concept is hard for many to understand, when you are used to celebrating life as a couple, and then half of the couple is gone and you are "YOU" alone, yes, others are there celebrating as one (1), yet that is by choice, we did not have a choice. Yes, it is daunting, for the first year, and yes,it does not get easier either as the years move on. That person is still apart of your heart, your soul and your everything. YET! Yesterday, I did travel and enjoy time with my family. My real first road trip out of the comfort of my home, my surroundings, and the comfort of my mom, dad, and sister--who knew the day would be hard for me but they were there for me. I allowed myself joy yesterday, laughter and hugs and love from everyone! It's not easier, but once you step out they say it does get easier, that I am not 100% sure of. YET, I will keep trying to the best of my abilities. I have another road trip planned for the beginning of August! I will let you know how how that trips goes! I have met a beautiful soul who is also dealing with loss and this celebration was her first as well. Together we will make it to the next celebration in August- my nephew, my friends and then ME OF COURSE ME! How can we not celebrate my turning another year older! YEP YEP YEP! I know right. Hard to believe this beauty is going to be 63! Bring it on! Paco's celebration will be in November and will celebrate with his BUD at the beach same as last year! I love everyone who follows me, stays in touch with me and is helping me to climb over the hurdle of loss. The hurdle is large, the love is huge and hugs are great! Love to all!

Till next time!


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