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For those wondering yes, I am going to be 62 this month, and embracing the number! Life is to short to be worried about age, and how others see you when you hit a certain age! So, I ordered these shirts. Love the back it says it all! The front says Chapter 62! This birthday will be different for me in the next few weeks, as I will not have Paco to help me celebrate, so I had my sister take my picture to celebrate with Paco today.

Life has been different and sometimes just very sad, and some days are filled with love and joy and happy memories of this that, and the other! I miss him everyday and some days, the pain is raw, and sometimes the emotions are roller coaster, and I have come to realize that will be how my life is for a hot minute! I am embracing my single life and learning to go and do things on my own again! Plus Midnight Ryder makes sure I am not lonely, as she comes and pats my face, and snuggles and gives me lots of kisses throughout the night! LOL!

I do hope you all feel fabulous and enjoyed celebrating your birthday, or just celebrating life in general!

God Speed! Cheryl-

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