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Empty Chair!

Life has many ups and downs and learning to not let me get to you during the holidays is very tough. I know from personal experience this past year. My life was heading one way, and then took an unexpected turn that not only affected me, but my friends and family, on that fateful day which is fast approaching in 20 days. It has Ben a tough rode, and one that was going ok till Dec 1st, then reality sunk in, that fateful day is fast approaching us all!! How do we deal with that day, I cannot answer that question as I am not doing so well myself. At this point in my life I am just trying to stay afloat with my thoughts and trying not to focus on that fateful day. It is harder and harder each passing day, and everyone is so kind, however there are not really any words to ease the pain of the heart ♥️ for the loss of Paco and his beautiful ☺️ smiles and kind heart ♥️!! I am working on my emotions, however; I will not apologize for my tears, as they are the tears of healing, and lately they fall freely!

The holiday's are challenging with all life changes. Loss of my love Paco, and loss of his beautiful granddaughter Damaris!

Thank you to all who love and support me during this challenging time.


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