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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

What does that mean to you and your family? We all dream of something that we are striving for, or wanting to accomplish in our life on earth! Do you associate dreams with goals, and if yes, do they come to fruition or have you surpassed this dream/goal?

Paco's biggest dream was to win the "LOTTERY", he would say one day "Mommy" I am going to win the lottery, and buy you the biggest house, your favorite car and of course his "CORVETTE" that was his biggest dream ever! Well sadly those dreams were taken away from him, and they are with him in heaven! I know he still dreaming of owning his CORVETTE in heaven and maybe he is driving down the road of dreams! For me I will never know just going to have faith he is happy and running free, with no pain and watching over me every day!

AS, for me and my dream, I have many, and one dream or goal is to own my own house that is big enough for my family to all ive under one roof! One dream and goal and was to a business owner, I did accomplish this with the business CMP Handyman, at this time it is not moving forward and this goal is sidelined. I still am looking at being a business woman, and working towards this dream has been put on the back burner, but still on my list of accomplishments to meet! What are your dreams/ goals and what is your plan on meeting them, what do you have in place to meet this accomplishment? Who is apart of your dream/goal, and are they helping you to reach this?

Life brings many challenges and changes, and sometimes the change affect the dream/goal how can you prepare for the uncertain change!

Do not lose focus! Keep the dream alive and go with GOD!


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