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Do You Pause Your Life For Someone!

How many of you sit at home waiting for the phone to ring, or text message to be sent or any other kind of contact? It is sad, that we place our lives on hold waiting and waiting and waiting for something that may or may not happen. Question is have you placed your life on hold for that someone special only to find out they were not really that someone special to you?

They told you what you wanted to hear, cause your heart is open to finding love, friendship and then come to find out the comments, the conversations could have been made up to make you feel special. When you do begin to believe in yourself and find the strength to say enough is enough, and try to find the strength to move past the stories, and lies.

Life is much more than playing the waiting game, and placing your life on hold waiting for that something to material, and bring you happiness!

WHEN YOU SHOULD BE FINDING YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! YES! You are responsible for finding your own happiness and not depending on someone else to bring this to YOU! Each of you are beautiful and you matter to yourself, and this is the most important item you must depend on!

WE have all been thru hell and back and sometimes we are still facing the HELL, but WE can find the strength to muster thru the HELL!

One thing I learned last evening! MY HEART is not healed from the loss of PACO as much as I would like to say YES! But it has been 16 months since he went to be his heavenly father and last night was the first time the tears of sadness and missing him fell. To be honest I am not sure why last night, maybe all the emotional stress I am under with losing my job, and other life choices I need to make!

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions and hopefully the decision we make will be the best choice for our health and sanity! Then again it could be the worst decision but we have to place faith in "GOD" for helping us to overcome the decision we are going to make. AS WOMEN we deserve honesty, and truth and true love! I HAD ALL THREE but alas mine is in "HEAVEN" and right now he is very upset with me for allowing all this to manifest of losing my job and not being truth and honest with myself!

My heart needs to find true love, happiness and someone who can love me for me, as you all know I am not the easiest person to love! I need answers, to questions and I need honesty of how the question is being answered! I do not need an answer that you feel I need to hear at that moment! WELL I digress on things that do not matter!

I am going to work on myself and find true happiness within me, and if this means being alone, then this is what is meant to be.

WE must never depend on someone else to bring us happiness, YOU MUST FIND YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! This how we survive the HELL of what we have been thru!

Till next time!


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