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Do You Love YourSelf Enough TO Say NO!

This inspiration comes today from chatting with a special friend. There are many seasons to each of us they are the chapters of our lives. We have some chapters we really are not ready to share with the world as they are dark and scary. But at the same time some of us have grown from those dark chapter and are finding love at the end of the tunnel. The question is are you strong enough to say "NO" to someone who might not fit in your life at this moment? Do, they offer love and fulfillment in ways that you need? Do you accept them for their faults and most importantly do they accept you for yours!

So, as women we sometime have to fight harder for something than others do at the same time mostly men. We have to fight to "say no" and to let men know that "NO MEANS NO", who are men to take advantage of women? And this could also be opposite some men are mentally and physically abused by women.

Learning to stand on your own takes fortitude and strength and this means sometimes not having a man in your life, cause you are strong and can handle the solidarity of living alone and learning to love yourself enough to say "NO", I am good by myself. I found this many years ago, when I learned how to live on my own, and then one day this man came into my life and showed me what love was, and he asked three time to Marry him, and I said no till the very last time, then I was ready to say "YES". YEP you are correct Paco! We got married November 17, 2001, and we spent many years together. For the most part they were good times, we had our moments cause you all know me I can be a handful sometimes.

Yet, today I learned something about myself, I do not need a man to make whole, but I would like a man to share things with, walking, talking, fishing, bike riding, swimming, and other activities. Being with someone is not about the other person controlling you or you controlling the other person but finding a common ground to spend life together as a unit. I am strong and fierce and I will land on top no matter what the cause or circumstance and I will find a way to be me!

Strong, fearless (depending on snakes), independent not needing a man to support me financially but supporting me emotionally! This is what I am aiming for. Don't get me wrong I want to be loved, and treated special as all women/me should be but at the same time being able to live my life an independant women, who loves her partner! At the same time the partner has to let this women grow and become her own independent creature of beauty and wisdom. How many feel they are in this type of relationship, and do you feel this relationship suits your needs?

Till next time!


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