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December 21,2020

Hello!! This message is fitting!! Today we have 4 more days till Christmas 🎄!! All the shoppers are scurrying about…oh my oh my…what have I forgot, who have I forgot…oh my oh my what to do!! Breathe…slow down give a hug, give a kiss…for one day the kiss 💋 will be gone never to return…the will be gone never to return…!! For this I know first hand!!

I met some new people this evening…such a joy. I had a smile 😊 on my face which has not been there for sometime…we laughed, we chatted, we talked Cheryl language!! So, much fun…

I look in the mirror every day…see a girl…who looks the same but is truly different!! I have learned so much about myself, and so much from Paco!! Even now!! He is always with me…saying you got this “Mommy”!! Yes, yes, yes, I do!! One day at a time…small accomplishments lead to huge success!! Slow down…breathe…relax…believe in you!!

till next time!!


Merry Christmas!! Love 💕 hugs 🤗 kisses 😘

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