December 19th & 20th!!

Hello !!! I chose this picture!! A good friend sent me this gift!! When I opened it, I smiled…why you ask…someone thought about me…enough to say…you are special, you are loved…I love you!! Then, another Christmas angel…sent me $…for a pampered day. I want to give them both a shout out!! For keeping me in their thoughts and prayers…during this time. I have not sent any Christmas cards 🃏 this year….mainly because stamps are expensive…and just not feeling Christmas magic…

maybe I will do welcome 2022 cards lol 😂!!! Just to be different!! Sunday…I took a day from phone, computer…thus no story. I truly believe…in myself…in finding love 💕 love 💕 again…one day. Please be kind…you don know what someone is facing…words and actions are hurtful as well as healing!! till next time!!


Ps..Feliz Navidad!! Te quiero muchísimo!!💕💋

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