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Dear Paco! Merry Christmas!

Today, I am sitting here and reflecting on what has been, what was and what can be. I finished cleaning up my Christmas, and all packed away until next year, when we celebrate Poppy's birthday in heaven. So many things have transpired from our marriage, to his death and now my living life as a single person who would have thought that was the what "God" in store for me. I am not one to second guess what "GOD" has in store for the souls and lives that believe in the higher power for us.

I am going to take the time to reflect on the good memories of our life together and the joy we brought to others, with our quirky snappy personalities. Christmas morning was tough, and I did make it through the day, and the day after, and the day after that. I remembered the love we shared, and the last night we spent together, and his peaceful departure to be in heaven with his heavenly family and "God". He now watches over me and speaks to me with his ever present love in my heart. He will never be truly gone as long as he is in my heart, and my heart will never forget the love he bestowed upon me during our time together and for this I am forever thankful.

So many have been great friends, family members making sure I am not alone during the holidays and for this I am forever grateful for the love bestowed upon me during this time. I am grateful for all things that come in time and lesson learned from this past year, and it was long stressful road however; I made it through the tough days, the sad days, and the tears in silent.

Now we are still going to have tough days, sad days and tears in silent as the heart will always miss you Poppy----I will never forget you and the fun times we shared, and I am going to use my learning curve to help those who are seeking helping with adjusting to the loss of loved one! So many have passed during this time and I truly understand the grief the family members are facing and enduring.

One of my life challenges will be continue on the path of weight loss, and how my sorrow should not be the driving factor, but the joy of loving you, will be my driving force.

IT is true LOVE NEVER DIES! This I can attest to with the love you have given me, shown me, and helped me to understand how my heart could love someone so deeply and still feel compassion and pain all rolled up in one. I love and miss you every day Poppi! TQM! MI Corazon! Until we meet again in the heavenly fields of freedom.

Love you!


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