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Continuation Year of First!

Well the move is officially completed, the new house is now in order, with rooms completed, and the only thing left to do is hang the last of the 4 pictures, on the wall and it will be my new home sweet home! I have learned to take control over my life and learned to deal headon with situations that I have no control over. The one thing people try to do is control what is non controllable in the first place. What is truly amazing is finding my inner strength, the my inner peace, and enjoying the moment of life as it unfolds.

I will have always have the sadness of the day from Paco passing, but I will no longer have the memories of the sadness and dark times of living in the old apartment, Paco was there pushing me out the door saying it is ok, let's start fresh, and keep the joyous the memories, we created, and the day of death! I have plans to put my christmas tree, and if allowed hang some lights outside and make this a joyous holiday season, that reminds me of christmas past, and christmas future, as I cannot change the day, and the memories, and the loss of my love Paco! For he will always be with me in my heart, and his spirit is always around, and he moves me to get moving and keep moving so I do fall stagnate with the days of sadness!

I have a wonderful little backyard, and I spent all day Friday cleaning and pruning plants and trees, and it was refreshing to be outside, and enjoying the sunshine, and helping the trees and plants to renew themselves, so they can find new growth! Being able to see the new day and the light at the end of the tunnel of joy is the most refreshing for lifting one's spirits!

I will not worry about what you say or think about my thoughts and actions, as they are personal to me, and to me only, and this helps me find comfort and joy in the small things in life and the ability to move past the darkness of days of yesteryear! For those that really know me, they know I am a survivor and will always find a way to keep the love alive, the laugh alive, and the joy of friendship alive as well!

I do hope you enjoy the read today and find peace and comfort in your personal life journey and are able to find strength in the beauty of YOU!

God Speed!


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