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Christmas 🎄 Memories!!

I wrote a post on Instagram the other day. With Christmas around the corner, for many to offer grace and compassion to those facing loss. The holiday’s are hard, but much harder for those who have lost a loved one. Making life choices for those who are suffering. So, many have forgotten the the true meaning of Christ-mas!! The joy of peace, finding hope, extending grace. Yet, not allowing others to exceed your grace, abuse your kind heart. Healing ❤️‍🩹 takes time, loss, is forever. Not allowing yourself to be judged for crying at the drop of a hat. Those tears are healing your ❤️‍🩹. Remember your time is your time!! Self awareness and peace will help you to heal!! The month is hard enough and even harder when death occurs on Christmas 🎄 morning !! That days has for been changed for me, yet… it was our day!! I miss you terribly every day Paco!! I will always love you 💕!! Your tree is a symbol of what we share and will continue to share!! Love you forever!! till next time-


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