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Christmas Countdown December 22, 2021

Hello fellow readers! It is amazing how your life changes in a drop of hat...and how society will say one thing and do another.....just because they do you deal with life changes...and how they impact your day to day you stress over the change, do you cry over the change, or do you just smile and say.....'eat shit and bark at the moon" at the changes.

If you have plans...and someone says.....oh by the way.....the sky falls out then what do you? That has happened to me a lot recently....when I planned on this or planned on that and then out of the deep blue it changed.....I am so is about depending on yourself....and taking charge and saying....if you want to be a part of my life...then find a way to fit in otherwise....move on down the road....same as with your job or other shit going on in your life.

My life has been a roller coaster since Paco passed....and I do understand why this year is harder than last....and when the final day comes to write on Christmas....I may or may not explain as this my choice. Same as if I want to be your friend or your frenemy. LOL! The choice is mine has always been mine....and from this day going forward....if you cannot fit into my plans....then it really does suck to be you....just sayin! My life is important and plans are important....and I do not need negative....or this excuse or that. Just sayin!

till next time!

adios! cher-

Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad......Love ya! Bye!

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