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Christmas Countdown December , 2021!

Good morning fellow readers! I so enjoy, seeing when someone reads a post....and hits the heart to say this post/or that post resonated with them... life is about finding a small glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.....each person is facing his/her own tunnel vision at the moment...and that is related to many things. Marriage, singlehood, children, family crisis, and even losing someone special.

The pictures will be of days past, from the first 365 days to current to see the progression, and on the last day to Christmas....will be a picture that says it all.....but till that day...

So, today is Wednesday....I know did that happen so fast...and where is the time is flying by so fast. I know so many of you are stressing over the holidays....on what to purchase....what is needed....what meal....are we going to prepare.....I know....yet for me...I am working on "one day at a time".....and hopefully will find peace and happiness during this timeframe.

So, what did you do this morning you ask: many know I have 2 kitties....Papa Bear (Kitty), and Midnight, that is like having 2 small children....they climb on me to wake me up.....and boy let me say what a jolt.....the nails.....LOL!!! I get up and they have a mess in the kitchen......they pretend to to not like each other...but quite the opposite LOL! They had food, had to clean....they had had to the vacuum everyday....just like cleaning up after small children....or for some a "HUSBAND, and children" LOL.....I know you are shaking your head with laughter. Yes..the husband is the biggest child of all.....but, I digress..

Will do a mini workout to stay on track for myself on my week challenge to work out everyday....will you workout today....if so, what will help you to clear your mind! I know right exercise is the best medicine for clearing out cobwebs! question to long do you exercise? 1 hour, 30 minutes, 20 minutes or longer!!! Everyone has his/her own pace....and cobwebs to clear.....LOL!

Well...enough about me today.....I will be back tomorrow.....finding peace, joy and happiness during this HOLIDAY season!

till next time-


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