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Christmas countdown December 14, 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Hello to everyone!! The time is drawing nigh, till Christmas & then the end of this day. As I lay here in bed writing ✍🏻 this post!! So, many thoughts swirling around in my heart, my head, and my soul.

Thoughts of lost love 💕, lost time, lost friends… days gone by…then on the flip side…new friends, gaining time, find love! We all want to find love, be loved, love 💕 others…yet, to do this we must love 💕 us… who we are….the good, bad, & indifference about ourselves!!! I had conversation earlier..about…who I am...why…I feel the way I do, say things…hoping to help them understand….did they understand…I can’t say. Did they really listen…I can’t say…how do I feel..exonerated.. why…honesty….we have to be honest with ourselves in order to move forward in life…love…marriage…friendship!!! I said to one person…awhile back…that I wanted to speak to others.…find ways to give something back…help just one person…to see they are not alone!! They laughed at me. Am I growing in my new life…I honestly can’t say!!! Do I feel stagnant yes…why you ask…. Fear!!

Get up and fight your fear…push past the neigh sayers…life is about you!! Go forth and live!!! Stop waiting on others!! If that path is meant to be….it will happen!!! live today…tomorrow is not promised!!

till next time-


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