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Christmas countdown December 13, 2021!!!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

It’s Monday December 13th!! This picture was taken yesterday at the beach!! The tears flowing non-stop!! Why you ask, this week, then next week!! Till D-day!! I have felt ok, with all my writings…as it helps me to find healing!! I read post from others who have lost a spouse, significant other, and it’s truly amazing to see how some stay in the pain, some grow from the pain…yet…everyone keeps that person close…as they were apart of US!!

For me…this month will always be difficult…yet, I pray 🙏🏼 that one day, a new light shines…to help ease the pain…as it will not diminish or take away from my loss, marriage, my Heart ❤️ Paco!! But will offer me a new light to see…that life continues.

I miss you terribly every day Poppy!! I miss your smile, your Spanglish…your laugh…but most of all I miss your love 💕!!! Being held, being kissed, being told…Te amo muchísimo mi amor 🧡 !! I love you 💕 Paco!!!

till next time!!


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