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Christmas change!!

So, you know how life changes. Some times you get a nudge and you are not sure where it comes from!! Well, in this picture for those that know me and my life. Know the grey car was the last large item Paco and I purchased as a couple Back in 2018. Brand spanking new off lot!! First owner!! Well the white car is my newest purchase today!! The nudge came. Was able to say good bye 😘 today to my girl, and move forward with a new one. I posted the tree and white picket house, fence…as they were Paco’s dream to give me a house 🏡 one day. Well...that day has since been laid to rest, with his passing. Yet, for this story was fitting!!! The tree symbolizes Christmas magic!! My present 🎁 to myself!!

Love is grand, love ❤️ is great!! Sharing love 💕 is wonderful!! Yet, loving oneself is the best present 🎁!!! Find your true happiness, follow your dreams & your heart ❤️!! You have one life…live like tomorrow is your last day!!

till next time!!


ps. For those who believe Paco was with me tonight saying…Mom, it’s ok…you got this…be strong be courageous!! I hugged my girl…said goodbye to her…and now will fall in love with her sister!! My new Chevy Equinox!!

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