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Changes thru the Years!

Updated: Jan 3

Hello 👋 faithful readers! I wanted to share my transformation with you since 2019! Oh it's not done, still a work

in progress!! The picture in the middle was taken on Christmas Eve 12/24/2019! My last full day with my angel! He said "Mom" you look like Santa Claus! So, Christmas like! Let me take your pictures! The very last one he ever took of me! I was not one to have my picture taken! Why you ask! Well, when you feel like 2 ton tessy seeing yourself for me was daunting. Yet he never saw me that way! God I loved him and now I miss him! But, I digress! Since then, I have embraced me and the camera! Lol 😂!!

Picture top left first 1 I took the first year he was gone! Well, as you see so many since then! Lol 😂! I wanted you to see the changes over the years! It's strange how I am not afraid 😱 to take a selfie 🤳!! I have some really funky ones those are for later! Like way later!

If, I can survive then you can too! Just remember it's your time your dime! Don't be pushed! You will find your light! I promise.

For me, I am slowly transforming from us to me! Small steps small changes!

I realized that poppy went home on the birthday of Jesus! His heaven birthday 🎂 is the day we celebrate our lord savior Jesus Christ!

Making small changes in my life, my house, my heart ♥️ my mind! I like running on the gazelle it helps me clear the brain fog! Keeping me focused on me! Life changes are small steps! I know you can do it 2! I believe in you! You have to believe in yourself!

Well! Let me close and go to sleep! It's late!

Remember I love ❤️ you & you love 💕 me!

Till next time!


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