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Today is a celebration!! My Mom's birthday is today July 7th, 2021 and today is my celebration of new beginning for me as an instructor!!! So, I get to celebrate with my Mom today. And since Paco is not here to wish her happy birthday in person, he is here with her in spirit always.

Take the time to always send your loved ones a special message even if it just to say "HI" that message will go far and mean the world to that person!

We are all blessed everyday we are able to enjoy a new day, as this new day is beginning of a new chapter and the day before is over, and the trials from the day before are over, as you do not need to carry them from one to the next! I know right that is sometimes easier said than done, but true to form! We cannot worry for tomorrow, as it has not arrived yet, and the days from past are gone and you must release the baggage, and free the soul!

Today is a new beginning for me, with a new adventure, one that has been a goal of mine for many many years and is coming to fruition today! To say the least the I am stoked beyond words! As they say patience is virtue and sometimes, the plan is will fall into place we just have to be patient, and not rush. WELL I of all people should heed those words right LOL :) !!!! I am the least patient person on the planet. Yet, I am truly working on this as I write this today.

So, take time to wish my Mom happy 84th birthday if you see you or friends with her on facebook! She is gem of person and we are thankful she is our MOM! Paco is singing to her happy birthday he so loved his NANA!

Love to all celebrating today, birthday, anniversary, new beginnings!

Remember I love you all for being my friends, my followers and just for loving me for who I am!

Till next time!


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