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Book Of Life! Tears of Healing!

How do you handle tears of healing?

SO, it has been a hot minute since I have written. It has been tough this month, why you ask. It has been six months since Paco has passed. Then next month July would have been our 20th anniversary for when we met -July 4th weekend! Oh how we danced the night away, and then started our sweet love story and of course the rest is history so to speak!

Sometimes, it is hard to let go of the past, and start a new, and this what I am working on. We have added a new member to our family, a sweet baby girl, her name is Midnight Ryder, and she is full of piss and vinegar! My northern friends understand that saying! She is sweet as pie, and loves to play and cuddle with her Mom. Of course her brother is not happy with her, and she is most definitely not afraid of him and that is what makes him the most angry. Hopefully they will find a common ground to enjoy each others company as I enjoy them both. She is bringing me a different joy in my life, and helping to me to get moving to enjoy the mornings again, she is up and at it at 6:00 am every morning, and she starts playing and running through the house saying time to rise and shine! SO, of course, I am getting up and for the first time in months, I made it to work at 8:00 am! GO ME! Let's see how long this last LOL! Since she is a baby, we have a sitter for her so she does not have separation anxiety like her Mom! LOL!

I am working on planning a party called celebration of life for my sweet Paco on Christmas day late in the afternoon. We are going to celebrate with his favorite foods, and music, for those who are reading this and you live nearby, you are most welcome to stop by and grab a plate and sit for minute or two...and tell us stories you have of Paco and how he impacted your life! WE totally understand if this is not doable for you.....this is to help me through my first Christmas without my love!

This is by far my difficult post to write this month. A friend told me not to apologize for the tears, since they are part of healing, and help us to move the emotions along the right path!

Everyone is very kind and sometimes they do not know what to say, but in reality there are no words, to help someone who is dealing with loss of loved one. Only time will help to heal the broken heart, and hopefully the good times will over take the loss, with memories of love and happiness! This is extremely hard on the heart and soul!

Hope you enjoy the read!

God Speed.


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