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Book of Life How will you write your chapters?

Last week, we wrote about life chapters, and how they intertwine with life. So the book of life comes from the chapters we have created, and define for ourselves. So with that how many of you have reviewed your life chapters, and made a conscientious move to make changes, to your personal story/ book of life?

I know you are asking book of life, how can we make changes, if we have not written the chapters, but have written the chapters with the choices you have made for the day.

A good friend told me, that she writes her story first as this helps her to define the title and or her caption of the day. Think of your chapter/book like this: from the time we arise out of bed, and put our feet on the floor, we make a conscientious decision to be any of the following: "happy, sad, or an angry person" we decide at that moment on how the outlook will be deemed! So, when you sit down today, look at what you have accomplished, or what you felt like you wanted to accomplish and did you succeed in accomplishing this goal.

So, as I am sitting here today reflecting I remember a conversation I had with some co-workers a few day back and they asked me how I was feeling in general passing and I broke down and cried on my loss of Paco, and ho

w this has affected my life. Yet, they brought up a good point, on "Maybe the best is yet to come", I know right how can that be, you ask! Well, self reflection allows to look at all aspects of life: marriage, divorce, happiness, sadness, and the most difficult one the loss of a loved one and how all these emotions impacts one life. I was truly blessed to have had all the love and time in the world I did have with Paco, and I would not change that for anything. He brought me joy, happiness, sadness, and most importantly he brought me to just in believe in my faith, and that I am a strong person to whom he loved immensely. I must honor this love and courage and move forward and learn to live my life differently, does not mean I am ever going to forget him, that will never happen as he was and always will be my love! Changing my perspective is hard, I can live in the darkness, of "OH I AM A WIDOW" or I can change my mantra, to say: Thank you GOD for allowing me to have such a great love, and I know you needed him to help you bring peace to others in this world! Paco is with me everyday in my heart, memories and the love of good friends! Paco would want me to

move on and live the best life I possibly can! Sometimes, this is the hardest part of growing up and becoming an adult, yet at the same time we must place our happiness first and foremost in the front of the line, and this will help us to find peace with love, loss and self love! Never forget you are the author of your book and you have a clean page everyday you wake up! Take that page and write your best chapter ever! I know I am going to! Believe in yourself and this belief will lead you down the right path of life!

God Speed! Cheryl-

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