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Book of Life (Holiday Chapter)

July 4th! What does this day mean to you?

Happy July 4th Paco! Today we would have celebrated 20 years together! Wow seems like a life time ago and yet feels like a moment ago! How does this make feel today you ask. Well many emotions running through my veins, and one of them is sadness, and why you ask, not being able to enjoy a hug from Poppi today and say "happy anniversary"! On the flip-side of that coin, I was able to spend 19 wonderful years with him and we did quite a bit during that time together.

We moved to Chapel Hill, he loved living there and would ride his bike around our little neighborhood of Carboro and find yard sales, and then call me to say "hey Mommy come pick up I have found this great chair and cannot get home on my bike" That day was hilarious has he was waiting for me someone tried to buy from him. He said "NO"! We enjoyed eating at Carboritos' and hanging out on Franklin street during halloween, and sometimes he would venture to the University he was a big Tar Hill Fan!

Our next adventure was too Maryland, we lived in Silversprings, and rode the bus everywhere to save driving the car. He loved riding on the Metro train, he would go down to Washington and visit all the museum and Washington monument, the mint, and white house. He just enjoyed all the great things DC had to offer us during that time.

Our next adventure was back to Wilmington and he loved going to the beach and we spent most of July 4 at a beach for a few hours. He loved the water and sand. Our next journey was to Durham, and Raleigh where lived for about 4 years or so, and we found some great parks, and walked two miles every weekend, we both had lost so much weight is was a miracle. Then we found our way back to Wilmington where we spent the last fews years together! He loved meeting new friends and we have so many neighbors who still stop by till this day if I am outside to say hi, and see how I am doing and surviving.

IT is wonderful to know all the friends and family that love Paco and miss him to this day as much as me! Grief is hard for those who lost a friend, loved one and working through many emotions can be painful for all. I am finding joy in remembering his life and our life together and this brings me happiness! I listened to our favorite song yesterday of course in Spanish!! I will never forget how we danced the night away 20 years ago, singing and dancing to Spanish Love songs! Oh how I loved that evening so much!

Paco my love! You are in my heart today and always and I will love you till the end of my life and remember you will never be gone totally from those that truly loved you! Most especially me! Today and always till we meet again! Love you to infinity and back! Mom

Hope you enjoy the read today and always!

God Speed! Cheryl-

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