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Book of Life-Chapter Time Flies!

How would you or would you slow down time?

Seems like time flies faster the older the you become. When you were a child did time feel like it stood still, and you wished you could be older, and do things all the other children in the neighborhood were doing, and then time moved faster, and before you knew it you were the older child, others were emulating you thought to yourself "WHY DID I WISH TIME TO FLY"!! I know right, cause there are days I feel like that. WHY DID TIME HAVE TO GO FASTER, cause if it had slowed down then Paco would be with me today, but alas I cannot keep this mantra on the front of my brain and in my life. IF time stood still, then I would have not met him, fell in lust, then fell in love, and all that other mushy stuff! Like my children and grandchildren would say! MOM, yuck!

If you had a chance to slow down time what would you like as a 'DO OVER", and then you ask yourself would this really be a do-over, or would you be in the same place you are now? Slowing down time does not change the outcome of life that has been planned for us at the mo

ments we were able to make decisions and go down the paths we have taken, they are the choices we chose to define ourselves. Albeit good or bad! We have to live with those choices and hopefully they have helped us to grow into a better person, and offer others comfort and joy!

WE are destined to meet people if only for a short season in life, and then some for life long friends, and some for eternity. I am firm believer that Paco came into my life when I needed companionship, love, and understanding of who I was, and what I was meant to be. He was my biggest supporter of all things that I have accomplished during our time together. This month has come and gone way too fast, and June is fast approaching and my head and heart are like "WOW" six months is coming and just like that my life is different!

Sometimes, I ask myself, if I had done this or that would I be in a different way, or living life a different way and would my heart be aching daily! I cannot honestly answer that question, and I feel I was destined to be exactly where I am today. With all the friends, I have meet via Pac

o, his extended family, and his friends he so loved and enjoyed hanging out with, and the love he bestowed upon my family, and my children. This is book of life chapter of time flies, and. how we lived and learned to love others, forgive and move on to become a better you, us or we! Take time to reflect on the love you have, the ones in your life right now and enjoy the small things that each day offers bring you! Cause one day it will be gone!

God Speed!


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