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Book of life chapter- the year of first!!

As many of you know this past Thursday was my birthday. As we all know that with life and death there are many first. Your first birthday, your first christmas, your first year of school and such. Well the same holds true when you lose a loved one, Mom, daughter, sister, husband,child and/or friend. I am facing the first as a newly widow, I have faced many first so far this year, and my birthday was my "first" without Paco! I have to say this birthday was very special in many ways, my co-workers, and FB Friends, friends and my family made sure I had a great day! Gifts of love will always hold a special place in heart and this was what I received on this day!

I am sharing this picture with you as it has many meanings for me. It was the last picture Paco took of me on Christmas eve, and his picture is the last selfie he took at church! Paco loved taking pictures, and sending them to his family in Mexico! I shared this picture with his family, as this falls into the "last category". This picture has my querido Paco watching over me everyday as my guardian angel.

So, with all chapters in life, this chapter is about the firsts; and they are now heading to my first Paco birthday, without him, our anniversary to which I will celebrate on November 17! With a dinner and movie if even at home; all from our "First year of life changing event", this life changing event took place on Christmas morning! I have so many thoughts swirling in my head, some are happy and some are sad thoughts all at the same time, it does cause a lot of confusion, but I am working through them!

This will be our first celebration of life for Paco: the door will be open for those who would like to stop by and say hi grab a plate of food, listen to his favorite music! This will help me to celebrate his life and keep his memory alive!

Thank you to everyone who shared love with me on my special day and thank you to all who continue to share love with me during this past year and giving me grace and understanding thru so many first!

God Speed!


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