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Book of Life-Chapter Remembrance- Celebration of life

What does this mean to you ?

So this chapter is about remembrance: It is Saturday May 23rd! What does this day mean. Well, many things for many people for me it means 2 days till the 25th of the month, and that day will be forever grained in my brain. So we are at the five month mark of losing Paco. And this got me thinking, that when June rolls around we will be at the six months mark and then Christmas! Which used to be a day of joy for me, and will now be a day of sad remembrance, SO! To change this up I am putting together a "CELEBRATION OF LIFE" for Paco on this day. All his friends and my friends will be invited to come eat his favorite foods to which I am cooking! Yes,I cook Mexican dishes and to listen to his favorite music and enjoy the memories we all share of him! This will help me with the 1 year anniversary of his passing and help all his friends to enjoy his life. AS time rolls closer I will let you know what time and location. You can come grab a plate of food and leave, this about just saying HEY!

Everyday when we lose someone something happens to remind us of them. A certain smell, flower, music, laughter of joke, and just the breeze blowing. It amazes me, how much I miss him and his quirky smile, or laugh, and most definitely his spanglish! I was in the car last Saturday and driving towards the beach to get out of my house. Had the windows down, and the music blaring and listening to his favorite music and singing my heart out in "Spanish" yes, I do sing in "SPANISH"! It was a wonderful feeling to be free and able to listen to his music and not cry!

Everyone tells me time heals all wounds, and this sometimes I believe and sometimes I do not as some days just seems so strangely wrong that he is not here laughing and yelling in Spanish, about this that or the other! I know in my heart of hearts he is with me everyday and sending me messages, I am here Mom! All is right with the world! Memories are the best but they do not replace the psychical being!

My sister lost her beloved Grey the other day and that was devastating to us all. He was a part of her life for many years and became a part of mine for the last three weeks, he was family and we are saddened with his passing. Jasmine said, she was having a hard time the other day and was sitting out on the Porch and a red cardinal came right to the edge of the porch, and sat there with her for a few minutes, to let her know all was ok. SO! For those that believe in the spirit world, and Cardinals as being the soul! Then POPPI was here for her that day! Same as my friend was there for me to help calm me down.

Everyone understands that we live and then we pass, but the hardest thing about passing is, when you are not prepared for the end to be near, and there are no signs to prepare you. So, you must learn to live each day with love and hugs and not live with regret of this, that, or the other! Life is short and we only have a certain amount of time on this earth! Be loving kind and friendly to all in your life!

God Speed!


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