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Book Of Life-Chapter(Pictures)

What do Pictures tell us?

This pictures brings back so many memories of life before Paco and during my life with Paco! He was a cowboy a 100% so this picture should tell you a story!

SO, June 25th came and went and the day was not as hard as the previous months, but still had some bites!

With that said life changes and so do we. These changes life brings are sometimes not ones we have any control over, however; we do find ways to cope with the changes and how they affect each and everyday! My question to you today? What are some changes that you are facing, and how are you coping with the changes, and how are you handling the way your life is heading? Do you have control or this change something that has happened by another or by the force of nature?

What pictures in your life tell your story, pictures of life before the changes, and how do those pictures impact you now? For me, I am not going to have any more pictures with the love of my life, however; I do have many pictures of the great memories we created during our wonderful time together. I am working on self change, and self growth and this comes from my biggest life change to which I did not have any control over! I am working on what is worth the battle and what is not worth the battle! One thing for certain for me is self love, and letting go of what is vs. what is not! Each of you will how to find your what is and what is not and let go! Life is short and we must live our lives to the fullest extent of love that we can each and every day.

I am excited and looking forward to Christmas on different level this year, as I am planning Paco's celebration of life: I will be posting this in most of stories till Christmas comes and goes, as this is something I am looking forward to and hoping will help me to find a new way to celebrate our love we shared for 18 years. Our anniversary of when we first met is coming this Friday! OH BOY! I remember our first love song together, and he sang to me in Spanish and I just swooned and melted! That was all she wrote for me on that day! I wish I had a picture of that day...but I will share others we through out this journey! Till then, hug your wife, husband, children and significant others and make memories of love and takes lots of pictures!

Enjoy the read! God Speed!


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