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Book of Life (Chapter past reflections)

What does reflection mean to you? For many it can mean so many things; for example You reflect on the way you may have treated someone, or how someone treated you, or how you dealt with a situation and how did the situation turn out, and in this reflection, are you reminded of your actions, and how they impacted someone else. I know right, that is a lot to think about and ponder and reflect on. Once you have completed this self-reflection did you make any changes, and what type of changes did you make? Life is all about choices and how these choices reflect not only our self but others as well.

This past week, I have been doing quite a bit of reflection, remembering my life with Poppy as we so lovingly called him, and sometimes he would say to me "mom" my name is Paco! and I would chuckle and say I know but to me you will always be "Poppy" my loving name for you, and so thus began all my family and friends, and co-workers who all soon began calling him "Poppy" cause to us he was a tender-hearted soul!

My life is very different these past few months, and self-reflection is part of my transformation to finding a better me, or allowing the hidden me to shine through all the hurt, pain and suffering over the past 7 months. Truth is the hardest thing is to learn about oneself and then begin working towards change is even more difficult. What challenges have you endured this past month, week or few days, and how did you deal with those challenges, and in the end what did you think of your self-reflection? Did you like what you saw, do you feel the need to ask for forgiveness, I surely did to my Poppy! I know he was listening and sending me lots of hugs and warm kisses to my soul to let me know he forgave me for any hurt caused to him through words, actions and such! SO, myself reflection this week was hard, and challenging, yet at the same time gave me clarity on my life, the way to make changes, and hopefully keep moving forward in a positive way, so I can help others! Not just with loss, but with self-growth!

I have to say our newest Family member is keeping me busy and full of life! She makes sure I am up and moving at the crack of dawn, and playing with her and giving her lots of attention! She is spoiled rotten, and runs the house! LOL! I would not want it any other way, as she is helping me to find solace and peace with my new life! My wish for you is to find peace and solace, and hopefully I am helping in a small way!

God Speed! Cheryl-

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