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Book of Life Chapter-Educational Journey

What is your personal journey going to reflect in your life journey?

This diploma means so much to me! I began my school career when my children were still in elementary school! SO those that know me understand the struggles of my life when I was in my early 20's and 30's and working towards an education. I loved psychology and was leaning towards that field of study and then life took many road changes during this time and my education was placed on hold. However; that did not stop me for this goal and finding away to accomplish this! So back in 2006 I believe, I was going thru someone online websites, and found programs for online school, work at your own pace and study and learn and graduate! WOW! I was thrilled, Paco and I were living in Maryland at the time and I was working at Walter Reed Medical Center as a contract coder. So my educational journey re-begins at this time.

I started with my associates program at this time I was working in healthcare as Certified Medical Coder, so the process, for my education was geared around this format. Let me just say, it was hard at first to take that step in the world of education most especially online. But I did! Spending nights and weekends studying and completing research and writing papers, oh boy that was tough! I managed and completed by Associates Degree, and the bug was burning harder for more knowledge and self growth! SO I applied for my Bachelor's program and was accepted, and my program was Bachelor of Science, Human Services, Management. Oh boy this speared me into the world of understanding the clinical aspects of the coding world and learning how to understand the mind and workings, and we focused quite a bit on administrative and clinical at the same time. It was fascinating to say the least! I thrived and was able to use by job at that time for many of my papers and my boss who I loved dearly was a great mentor to me at that time as well. SO I finished and this time I walked for my family, most especially for Paco he was so proud of me! Even though he complained about not having a social life. We did manage. It was tough.

Graduation came and went, and I was still smitten by the learning bug! SO, I waited a few months, and signed up for my Master's program! I started in the MBA program with a spin on Human Resources! I had five credits to finish my MBA and found the Master's program in Health Administration which co-insides with my work life and my path of grow at that time. So I applied and was accepted and changed venues and of course had to start over, needless to say Paco was like "what" but he stood by me. Well we finished this program and it was to graduate and we had a party and I walked and my whole family was there and it was wonderful! I finished by educational journey with 3.80 GPA which is not too bad, but alas I missed my self goal of 4.0. I digress.

So I have been out of school for quite sometimes but alas it seems my accomplishments from life and others avenues have not gone unnoticed, as I received an email from UOP inducting me into the Honor Society of Leadership and Success! To say the least I was amazed and stunned at the same time. I graciously accepted this honor and completed the requirements and alas I received my plague which is posted above.

SO you see, if can achieve this milestone you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I am humbled to say the least, and the one person who stood behind me the entire time of my educational process is not here in physical form to enjoy this wondrous occasion but is with me spiritually and for this I will always cherish! He was my rock, my love and guardian! To Paco the man who stood beside me through it all this one's for you my love!

Thank you to my family and friends as well that offered me support and love during my educational journey and life chapter!

God Speed!


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