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Birthday & Anniversary Month! Remembering Love!

This month has been difficult to say the least. Paco's birthday was on November 6th and we celebrated his spirit on the beach, with his favorite drink, and favorite snack, "Dill Pickle Chips". I know right! It was a challenging day to say the least, his first birthday in heaven, running around pain free and enjoying his time with "heaven family".

My hats goes off to all those who are dealing with the loss of loved one, and who do so gracefully, and my hats off to those who deal with the loss inside and not sharing with the world the pain and suffering they are feeling on daily basis. Some days I suffer in silence, as others are at a loss of words on comfort as there really are no words for comfort when lose a piece of our heart.

My next hurdle comes this Tuesday as this would have been our 19th Wedding Anniversary and I am not sure how to feel, or how to celebrate, other than celebrate the love we shared, with each other for those 19 years! There is no comfort in knowing he is not with me on this earth, but there is comfort knowing he is free of pain and enjoying his life in a different form and being with his "god"!

We had so many great days together while he was living we celebrated many wonderful joyus anniversaries together, and one year we both forgot till like 1 week later! We laughed about it and celebrated when we remembered. We were so not like normal couples! We were Paco and Cheryl or Poppi and Mommy! And for this I am grateful for his love to me till the bitter end of his life! Our next hurdle will be Christmas Morning and waking up and to the fateful day 1 year ago! Where my life change drastically from being "Paco & Cheryl" to only being "Cheryl"!

Thank you to all who read and follow me, I am very grateful for your love and support during this time of change.


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