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Birthday 🥳

Today is August 26, and tomorrow is August 27th! My birthday 🥳!! And here are some transformation pictures. the one in the middle is from August 21-the day Paco was let free to soar!! That was my birthday gift to him! He said please spread my ashes in the ocean 🌊 mom!! So we did our final trip together to the beach!! The day was beautiful after the terrible storm the night prior. We got to beach at 7:00 am. Did our final walk. Walked out into the ocean-this one big wave 🌊 came!! I knew it was his wave!! Swept him away!! He kept me safe till he went back out!! The sky became bright!! The sun ra were brighter than usual!! He said thank you 😊 Mom!! And soared higher than ever!! He was happy!!! My heart ❤️ was sad and happy all at once. Birthday 🎂 number 2–without you!! I am staying busy staying strong!! With the love 💕 of friends, family-it will be a beautiful day!! Filled with love 💕, laughter and kisses!! The damsel is learning to fly!! The prince is watching over her!! till next time-


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