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Age Gracefully! Do you celebrate your age! Yes! I do!!

Good morning 🌞!! It’s Sunday!! We have survived another week, starting a new week. Giving ourselves the opportunity to grow and write a new chapter on life. Can you believe we half way thru the month, and before you know it, my birthday 🥳 will be here. Wow!! They say women should never mention their age! I say why not- we have grown, matured, survived, and are still living, growing and surviving!! I am proud of me!! I am proud of you!! Age is a number-we are defined by our hearts 💕 our relationships, our inner soul!! Not by the number of candles 🎂!! What is your wish for your birthday 🥳? My wish is happiness-to those in my life. My wish is to have a great 😌 day!! Yes. My second birthday without Paco-I know you ask? How will I be! Well I will let you know how I managed. Life feels different now, yet the same. We move on, yet somethings stand still. I believe in the power of love 💕, the power of life ever after! The inner strength to achieve greater things, and the courage to take the step!! Happy birthday 🎁🎂 month!! till next time!!


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