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Accountability Self vs. Friend!

Hello fellow readers....hope this day finds you well, safe and happy! As for me. I chose this picture...from last Saturday, walking in Hugh McRae Park (New name but I do not remember LOL) that comes with age......but it is located in ILM, NC. I felt this picture was fitting for me since, I am once again....trying to be better at moving and getting out of the office. When I shot the picture.....I just felt like Paco was staring down on me and saying GO MAMA GO! Giving me the light to say.....I see's are doing great.....full speed ahead....and all that jazz.....I write my story as the words help me to find comfort and peace in healing from this journey. Yes, it is a journey, and one that will never end. Reason why: Paco was a part of my life for 20 years, and will continue to be a part of my life yet, from a different perspective.

A perspective on how to be a different person, be a kinder person ( I know you all are laughing at that one), Yes, really.....I reflect back on the days...when....I wish I could have been different changed some things. But alas, I digress....I cannot go back in time and change the what if, the what could haves and such. Yet, I can move forward and find the change in me. Taking the time to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the sunshine...and live each day to the best of what I can offer the universe. YOU, see, I drive my bus, I can write my story fresh everyday....and continue to find happiness in the little joys of life.

With that being said. If you follow me on instagram, you have noticed I am posting pictures of getting up and moving and walking outside. The fresh bitterness of the wind, and coldness, bring a newness to the cobwebs in the brain. OH I KNOW is easier to say "IT's SO COLD" will do another day....well those days come and go and then WE are still sitting on the couch....eating, and drinking coffee, diet coke or what not. Self motivation is the hardest thing in the world to do......BUT IT IS A get moving....change your mindset will change your body.....You have to work on the mind before the rest will follow....

Do you feel it is easier sometimes to have a buddy to help you get moving and keep moving...hold you accountable for what you did that day....or did not do that day......One way to start my day is I clean my house get the bones and muscles we age, the joints change and sometimes getting out of bed is tough....but it has to be done....once up find something to keep place of going from the bed to the couch or the recliner.....which is so damn easy to do........

My daughter signed me up for the BEACH BODY program and it has reminder to log your daily activity.....this is one way to have a buddy.....another is find a friend...sister, loved one...who is sending you messages....hey, hey....what you do today......remember you cannot tell a be honest with you and them will help you find the strength to push past and GET MOVING.....jump on the train and join the fun!

Well (it's deep LOL)! Till next time!


PS. I love you! Never goodbye, only till we meet again.....find your friend and move!

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