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365 Days!!

Poppy it has been 365 days since you have been called home. Life has been a little rocky, since you left. Today is your heavenly birthday 🥳 and I am missing you 😔 so much. So many thoughts swirling around in my head. My heart ❤️ aches so much for you, I know that you are with me every day guiding me, watching over me. Christmas 🎄 morning will always be the day you went home to be with your heavenly family. The pain is raw, and still fresh as those it has just happened. I made your bean soup to celebrate 🎉 your heavenly birthday. I just want one more day to say I love 💕 you, squeeze you, laugh with you, hear you say “mother fucker” one more time. I will always love 💗 you from now to eternity!! Until we meet again!! Te quiero muchísimo mi amor 🥰!! Cheryl-

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