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New Beginnings 2018

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Happy New Years to one and all! I do hope you had a safe and joyous New Years Eve! Lets us begin our new journey with positive thoughts and attributes. We must learn to let go of the past, so we can begin a new journey one that is filled with accomplishable goals, which are easy to achieve and maintain throughout the year. You are asking yourself how, can I do this and win throughout the year! Easy peasy, just start slow and steady!

First define what it is that you are wanting to accomplish this month only! This makes it easier to define your short term goals, which will lead into your long term goals to which you will have met by year end of 2018! SO do not be afraid of this month. You have 31 day to meet the goal you have set forth for yourself.

Some easy goals to reach are taking the time everyday for 10 minutes per day to take a "step" for every step you take you are adding back to your life span. SO in ten minutes you take 3000 steps equals about 10 minutes, per the "Fitbit" it takes one minute to complete 250 steps, give or take the math as everyone knows "HOW MUCH I LOVE MATH-NOT"! YOU can figure out the math!

Once you take the first step it does become easier and easier with time and eventually have meet the first goal and then you will be adding your secondary goal to this one!

Sometimes you need to forget about the weight and focus on the health side and the weight will follow!

To many times folks focus on the weight loss and worry about how others see them instead of focusing on themselves! As for me and journey, I am going to begin slow and steady like the tortoise because we all know "HE" won the race! This is the year to take back your life and find the right path for you! Whether is be running, walking, jogging, or just plain stretching find your niche and groove and all will be right with YOU and only YOU!

WHO is ready to being this new journey with me? There is no judgement here on what you choice to do and there is no right or wrong way to begin, JUST BEGIN! Find your inner motivation and hop on the train of new beginnings and let go of the past!

Happy New Year to one and ALL!

God Speed!


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