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Thanksgiving 2015

Good Afternoon to everyone! Today is Thanksgiving a day when many will spend the time with family and friends and find peace and solace in the family unit, and many will find pain and loneliness in today. I know many of you are like what is she talking about. Well let's stop and think for a moment. Many are spending this day far away from the ones they love, and many are thinking about the ones they have lost. Many have lost the meaning of "Thanksgiving". I know many of you area saying "what", but it is true. The first Thanksgiving harvest began in 1621 with the Pilgrims from Plymouth and the first bountiful harvest came through on this day and they took the time to celebrate this day with the Waccamaw Indians. In the early mid 1800's President Lincoln proclaimed this Day as a Holiday to enjoy the bountiful harvest for family, friends, and enemies to stop and take time to enjoy the feast laid before them. Somewhere along the way society has lost the meaning of "Thanksgiving' and look at this day as a day to spend money on finding his/her way to complete early christmas shopping. Where is/ and what happened to the joy of just spending time with friends and family and enjoying in the bountiful feast of company and enjoying the feast that has been prepared by those that love you? Many will say what I am thankful for. But should we be saying what can I offer to someone who is less fortunate than me? Will this kind gesture offer you comfort in knowing you were able to help someone less fortunate than you? With that being said: How many take the time to ensure his/her neighbor is ok, making sure they have food on the table, or they are able to go to the store to buy medicine. The Hussle and Bussle of the world has taken it's toll on human kind. I may not be the best person to those who feel I should be, but I try. I also try to make sure those around me have a friend, and someone they can talk to you. The spirit of Thanksgiving leads us into the spirit of Christmas which is also totally lost. Sorry I am on the high horse today but I just feel the need to express my feelings. Please remember these are only my feelings and thoughts. You have the choice to read or forgo the read! God Speed! Cheryl

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