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Daily Struggles

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Good Saturday Morning! Hope everyone is doing well thus far today! Here is thought for you to ponder. Everyone stresses about losing weight and what they need to do to lose a pound or two. What we seem to forget is that the weight did not come on overnight and will disappear overnight. WHAT you say! YOU mean I am not going to lose a pound a overnight!!! WELL technically we can lose one pound, but we are not going to lose all we need to lose overnight! YES that is correct, it is going take time and sometimes we just have to process this thought and work slowly. The question you must ask? What is important to you losing the weight, and keeping it off or losing the weight and then gaining it back and then some. SO for me it is about losing the weight and keeping off, I have been on this roller coaster ride for many years, and it does not get any easier. I struggle everyday with choices and sometimes I do not always make the best food choices and then I must move on and get over it! YES we are all human and making the best food choice is challenging everyday. JUST remember do not give up and keep pushing forward. The hardest part is when you eating out with friends and or just eating with family, and you see what they are choosing to eat is the not the same thing you can eat that time or place? DO not fret it will become easier and the choices will be easier to make. The one thing to remember if you slip it will be OK! Just remember to not let it beat you down! What is your favorite food to eat, that is not allowed or recommended on your food plan? For me that would be "donuts, chocolate, and just plain everything" yep you are right that would throw a huge monkey wrench into the mix with all the great food that makes us feel good. LOL! WELL I'm going to keep focused on the goal at the end of my journey, and I know I will WIN this fight and hit my goal! Just remember we are all in this journey together and WE will find the strength to win over the injustice of weight loss! Go team Go!

God Speed! Cheryl

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