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Chiropractor-Weight Loss

Chiropractor and Weight Loss interesting thought!

Good Evening! Today was an interesting day to say the least! So think about this; for instance we wake up every day, which is a good thing right! I mean it is better to be on this side of the ground instead of under the ground! I know you are thinking what in the world does this have to do with weight loss? Well in many ways it does, if we are on this side, then we have continue to control our thought processes and define our ambitions and stay focused on the goal at hand; right? SO today I began my day as I usually do, get up and the usual routine of thinking about what to wear to work and sometimes, my mood defines what I am going to wear to work. For instance if I am feeling blue then I wear blue, if I am feeling sad, I might wear grey or something dark. Today I felt in a mixed mood; this helped to create a different version of my lunch! SO lunch today; "Chicken Salad with 2 hard boiled eggs, some pickles, and olives" with a side of sugar free jello! I know what you are thinking wow that is boring and uck! For me it has been a stable to help me to pound off the pounds....LOL! Then some of us took a stroll to the mini cafeteria, where I decided to eat something different.....wait for it I know, what you are thinking Uh-OH another bagel fiasco right: well today you are thinking in the wrong direction...I included a "chicken cobb salad and did not even add my "ranch dressing" oh yeah "baby", and it was so good too! I also had a glass of unsweetened goji green tea! It was so good and thus added some extra steps back to the office. Go me! SO today I had an appointment with a Chiropractor and his practice is based on how the spine and nerves intertwine. He looks for spinal deformities and will base your therapy on your deformity. He explained to me a pinched nerve can affect other systems within the body. So what I learned today was the accident that I had diving into the swimming pool and jarring my neck at the age of 12/13. That I most likely caused some nerve damage to my neck spine. Oh yeah what a shocker! I know you are thinking she is trying to blame this on her craziness! Ha- ha-ha-ha! On a serious note it was interesting to learn. With that being said this pinched nerve could also be the cause of some of weight loss struggles as it is near the gland that controls the thyroid. I was like WOW! Is this a bright spot in the weight loss injustice, which I have been dealing with for the past 37 years! I know we can only hope and pray. I must still continue to follow my program to the strongest letter of the law and continue to fight the injustice everyday! I came home from the appointment and Poppi asked me if I was going to work out and I said "no", what you say! Well on the way up the stairs I changed my mind since our dinner was cooking in the oven and would not be ready for an hour. So did 25 minutes on the treadmill, with walking my mile in 20 minutes and the last five minutes all uphill with a high speed! Oh yeah go me! I felt better too! What challenges did you face today and what did you do to overcome the challenges with eating today and just life in general? Our food choices are sometimes based on our mood and how we are feeling that day. What is your favorite food when you are having a bad day? Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy the post! God Speed! Cheryl

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