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Welcome to my site!

Offering compassion & care! 


I started this page to focus on weight loss and during the course of my life, things have changed. I am still focusing on weight loss from a personal level, and now I am writing about my personal loss, and writing about self growth, and learning to love oneself thru the changes that life throws at us.

I hope that you are able to find inspiration from the words, and messages I write. I write from my personal perspective and hopefully the words will resonate with you or you  may have a friend facing a similar challenge and these words can help them to find peace! 

I have faced many challenges over the years in my life, and I have learned to bounce back and take control!  I am here to offer you compassion for the challenges you are facing daily. 

Each of  us is weathering a storm and sometimes we need someone to who understands the "Storm" and or has faced similar circumstances. 

My goal is to reach one person, who feels no-one is listening or understanding what they may be facing; YES, there is one person ME!


Together we can weather the storm! 



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